BMW Educational Consultancy has taken an initiative to help international students during Covid-19

BMW educational consultancy ,which has been growing throughout the Australia has taken an initiative of helping international students who has been suffered by the Global pandemic Covid-19.
The organization has always been working for the welfare of the students via social work, education and so on .

Bishnu Sapkota from BMW spoken to us and said , ” It has always been a great feeling working for the students and when it comes to a situation or a crisis we are even more happy to help because we don’t want to see student suffering. ”

Considering the situation, the BMW team is currently planning to provide economic assistance to those of you who are in need of desperate help. For more information on whether you are eligible for assistance, stay connected with us on our Facebook page: BMW Educational Consultancy Melbourne or contact us via phone or email.

We advise our students to fill out the google form available on our Facebook Page (BMW Educational Consultancy Melbourne, https://www.facebook.com/pg/bmweducationmelbourne/photos/?ref=page_internal)  and submit their request and we will contact for further procedure. 

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लोकल स्पोर्टिङ्ग क्लब ब्लड च्यालेन्ज प्रोग्राममा रोयल वेस्टर्न्स क्लबले पायो यस्तो सफलता

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एएनएमसीको वार्षीक साधारण सभा आउँदो आईतबार, गएको दुई बर्षमा भए यस्ता उदाहरणीय काम

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आउँदो ४ सेप्टेम्बरका दिन मेल्बर्नमा गौरा पर्व मनाइदै

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सुरु भयो धमाका २०७९ अष्ट्रेलिया टूर, सात शहरमा कार्यक्रम हुँदै

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