Oli and Associates has taken an initiative to help students during the pandemic of COVID – 19

Oli and Associates which is based in Australia has been continuously fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibilities in different forms for almost two decades now. In response to current COVID – 19 crisis, they have expressed their solidarity in the campaign initiated by AECA (Australian Education Consultants Alliance),

NRNA Australia and various other organisation to support greater Nepali community facing problems.

In addition, they have initiated their own support program to all international students from Nepali origin who have arrived in Australia within the last 12 months, are unemployed and facing problems with their daily needs. The program includes package of most essential grocery needs worth around AUD$50.

Bhabani oli from Oil and Associates stated , ” Our organization has been doing good things for students and nepalese community. We are based here for almost 2 decades now and we have been active in terms of social welfare as well. We ll continue to grow as an organization and continue our good work. ”


By Yutshav B.Pokharel

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