Melbourne Institute of Technology announces $1 million in financial hardship support for international students

By Yutshav B. Pokharel Melbourne 

The Melbourne Institute of Technology has recently announced $1 million in financial hardship support for international students who have been affected by Covid-19.

The Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), a leading private provider of higher education in Australia, appreciates the valuable contributions made by international students and recognises the significant impact COVID-19 has had on the finances of some of its most vulnerable students. Some face a very desperate situation where their part-time or casual employment has ceased and they are unable to return to their home country and at the same time experience difficulty in affording their continued stay in Australia.

In this situation, MIT’s superintending board has recently reported $1 Million to support international students who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of Covid-19. The Financial Hardship Fund is available for all students who are enrolled in either an MIT course or a Federation University course at MIT in Trimester 1, 2020. Students at both MIT’s Melbourne and Sydney campuses are eligible for support under this goodwill fund.

The Financial Hardship Fund, announced today, is the most recent among a string of humanitarian initiatives undertaken by MIT and MIT Group Foundation (a registered Australian charity) over the years. MIT continues to lead the way in goodwill initiatives, supporting students as well as many other disadvantaged communities in difficult circumstances of hardship or natural disasters.

Dr. Shesh Ghale, CEO of MIT has been seriously analysing the issue about the affected international students because of the global pandemic Covid-19. He stated, ” We have taken these necessary actions to support our international student community following a concerted effort to capture specific details from our student population regarding their financial needs at this time. The one-million-dollar Financial Hardship Fund and other financial assistance initiatives are designed to specifically address the identified needs of our students,” 

The one-million-dollar Financial Hardship Fund will be accessible to eligible students through one-off grants of up to $500 each. Students are not required to repay the grants given.

Guidelines for eligibility criteria and how the fund will be administered are being developed.

In addition to grant payments, MIT has made available other financial assistance initiatives to support students to effectively manage their finances through these extremely challenging times. As a leading education institution, the introduction of these initiatives is offered with the simple objective of encouraging vulnerable students to continue pursuing their long-cherished academic endeavours.

Photo source:  MIT/ dlama on October 28, 2016 – 11:54

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