Interview with Nepalese veteran actor Rajesh Hamal


This interview is taken by Mr. Shiva Neupane with the veteran Nepali super star Rajesh Hamal. Mr. Hamal in this interview shares his experience about the Nepali films. Mr. Hamal is a well-known figure of Nepal who has done more than 290 films over the past years. He is one of the charismatic actors of Nepal owing to his down to earth attitude and longstanding cinematic-commitment.

1. As a leading actor in Nepali film industry what would you like to say about your unflagging determination and long standing perseverance, which helped you to become what you are today?

Ans: Well, thanks for your lofty and weighty question, which indeed seems to me very crucial. To my utter acknowledgement, determination and perseverance are very significant to materialize our dream. These qualities are supremely important to engineering our career-pathway. In a nutshell, determination is a foundation of our dream without determination dream may not work effectively and significantly. All kinds of careers equally demand perseverance and unflagging determination which is why these need to be learnt before trying to accomplish any task.

2. Which is your debut film?
Ans: My debut film is “Yug dekhi yug samma”.

3. It is glaringly obvious that the popularity of Nepali film is waning? What would you like to say in this regards?

Ans: Well and truly, Nepalese are very much eager to see Nepali films. The popularity of Nepali film is flourishing. We have a common misunderstanding when it comes to watch Nepali film we compare our local product with foreign films. However I am not saying that we should not learn from foreigners. Yes, of course, we have got to learn so many interesting things from them.
But still we are not that bad. We have become acutely aware in terms of making quality film in the days to come.

4. As a super star how you go about telling your role when it comes to face camera?

Ans: Super Star is just the given title. I believe myself as a normal actor like any other. While facing camera I feel, I should kind of presenting my innermost sentiment and emotion through the physical manifestation. I have differing roles upon the demand of the story. Sometimes, I am cool, sometimes, I am aggressive and sometimes, I am romantic. To manifest and to cage my different kind of acting in a whole package is something that I learnt throughout my career.

5. What essentially made you to be a part of film industry?

Ans: Initially I was told to be a doctor, Army Officer, Pilot and so forth. However my inner enthusiasm and gusto to become an actor made me this plausible today. So according to time and situation we become positively different than what we ought to be.

6. What would you like to say to your die-hard fan before having to say goodbye for this interview?

Ans: I have been honoured to have received more feed-backs and encouragements from my fan throughout my 25/26 years long career. The feedback, encouragements and love have been navigating me in a right direction to achieve this grand goal. I am so proud and hope I will be constantly getting the same amount of care and support. Lastly I would like to advise please do comment and analyse Nepali film so we will get abundance opportunity to make our film even better for the years to come.


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