Let’s show humanity by helping Anshuna Maharjan

Anshuna Maharjan, a Nepalese Student currently studying in Melbourne, Australia has come up with a serious Heart problem. It is found that she has a hole in her heart. She came to know about this serious problem while attending medical test for the extension of her student visa. During additional examination of her heart, the doctor confirmed about the hole in her heart.

Doctors further confirmed the medical charge for this intense heart problem will be massive $40000AUD. Thus this huge amount can’t be collected by herself. Thereby her close friends are collecting funds for her treatment.

Heart is the most sensible part of our body and the doctors have said for the quick operation as soon as possible. With the aim of collecting $20000, only $8751 have been collected.

Anshuna even tried to contact Nepalese Doctors about the condition and possible charge in Nepal for her treatment but the doctors said they could not give any ideas without observing the patient in Nepal. So thereby she came with the idea of collecting funds in Australia. She is unknown about the exact charges but she has urged every Nepalese community and groups to help her in this condition.

With medium economic condition of her family, she has requested Guthi Australia, Nepalese Association, NRNA and other Nepalese communities for economic support. She further quoted,” I have left my job and have no income. My health has been deterioting day by day. The doctor has advised to get an operation for better chance of survival.”

Every help is highly appreciated and its our moral duty to help her in this painful condition. We can donate fund through go fund me website which is mentioned below.

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