Smriti pokharel’s musical journey

By: Shiva Neupane (Melbourne)
Smriti Pokharel is a Nepalese singer who is currently based in Australia. From her childhood she had been vigorously interested in what she thought she could do to live up to her parents’ expectation. And that was her very pristine dream to become a singer.

Her wholehearted passion and never-say-attitude and other collective positive views have made her a successful personality in the field of musical industry.

In year 2012 she had received the Hit FM music best female pop vocal award.

Her song Timro Ra mero Kahani hit well over one million of views on Youtube. Her second Album “Pop star” became talk of the town among Nepalese diaspora in Australia.

Smriti Pokharel, has been travelling in various countries for her concerts and shows. Her immense level of determination is taking her to the next dimension of popularity.

Shiva Neupane, is the author of “In the pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia” “Falang English Dictionary” and Falang Food dictionary”. He contributes articles for various media outlets.

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