Family value is greater than anything in Life

By: Shiva Neupane
If someone asks me what is important thing in life? Then my answer would be a “Family”. What more can we expect in life other than the happiness of family. In my sheer speculative experience family is more important than anything in life. We have been struggling in this foreign land for many years. What I have discovered within me is that whatever I have gained or achieved in foreign country seemed to have been void when I was deprived of that moment which I could have been easily shared with parents in back home had I not been noosed by this colourful utopian dream for where I am.

It is human nature that when we leave our country, family, and village. The real value of what it means to live with family comes in our mind. The appreciation for what we have can be understood in a very vivid manner.

Few weeks ago I have invited my parents to come over Australia to share an oasis of precious moment with me. I have taken them to the various visiting spots in Melbourne and Sydney. It was a lovely moment to share my stories and host of other experiences that I went through.

I am literally grateful to my parents who have made a great decision to send me in this most lovable and beautiful country in the world in order for me to grow intellectually.

I did not have any single person that I knew of, when I came here. This land was completely exotic and secluded for me. Now it is my great happiness that I have made countless friends and I am really indebted to them for their best wishes for what I do, in part writing a book and an article. I am extremely happy with the whole shebang of my intellectual activities despite being locked up by the sheer anxieties and the mounting pressure of various sorts such as time management skills, study, job, and the career.

I am profoundly grateful to the sheer stroke of luck and plus my attitude to believing in the application of hard work ethics. It is debatable fact that some people believe in luck. As per my speculation, Luck makes sense to you as long as you can realize how lucky you are. I personally feel even when I have a feeling that I am unlucky I immediately begin to play with my philosophy. Few years ago I wrote a book called “The elixir of my voice” in this collection I wrote a poem “I am lucky to be unlucky”. Meaning, when you feel unlucky then that gives room or opportunity to your mind to realize the ground reality of what it means to have nothing versus what is means to have many things. This is what I mean by appreciation for the things that you have on your part.

This is the time that I have to share my happiness with parents. What propelled me to realize this in the dramatic scale is that one of my workmates said to me that he doesn’t have parents to enjoy life. I literally felt so bad for him. But what we can do? life and death are the parts that cannot be ruled upon. All we need to do is just get on with it and start celebrating the leftover portion of life by doing things that keep us spiritually and mentally free.
The family plays the tremendous role in constructing the skyscraper of our happiness and so forth. Family values and commitments are the centrepieces of life.

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