Falang Teej Festival multiculturally highspirited in Australia: Women are on a devotional-marathoon of mind and heart:

I am scribbling this piece down to express my view on how one of the popular festivals – Teej – is taken by modern women. The authenticity of festival is on the wane owing to modernisation. I am not saying that women should not be modern in terms of their outfits they put on and the dances they perform. All I am accentuating here is if we can treat this festival with an utmost level or purity and sublimity then that would preserve the real typicality of the festival. On that note, there is also an issue attached to how women seem to be ostentatious when it comes to wearing expensive jewellery. This tendency not only prompted a large number of burglars to steal expensive stuffs but also boosted the psychological fragmentation in the society about what it means to not be able to display layers of gold on the body.

Despite all these facts, Nepali women have preserved the long held tradition of worshipping lord Shiva with modern flavour and extravaganza.

The Hindu festival Teej is drawing the attention of mainstream Australian society thanks to its sheer beauty and historical reservoir of love and sacrifices by which Hindu women had succeeded to march on a devotional marathon for theirs game plan to have achieved the wellbeing of theirs husbands. This festival depicts the richness of heart and emotions and the interconnectivity of the feelings and sacrifices in a nutshell.

Mr. Shiva Neupane, is the author of “In the Pursuit Of Utopian Life in Australia” and “Falang English Dicitonary” .

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