The ink of imagination seeps through the conduit of Mind:

I am outlandishly puzzled at having been not comprehending the way in which our mind struggles by being out and about in the philosophical-edges. It is patently obvious that our mind is very strange thing which is susceptible to anything that it meets.

It is crucial to know that how our imagination is touring in the cosmological suburb and the intergalactic- city of the Universe. As we all know that imagination is the seed of scientific-progress. Had there not been ink of imagination or some sorts of thoughts for sending rocket on the Moon then there would not have been this scientific achievement in our hands today. This is to say, imagination plays the pivotal role for making remotely implausible things pragmatically possible.

Gone are the days, people used to believe squarely in Human sacrifice without being contemplated and mindful for what they do. That was the common historical phenomena during which the medieval cruelty was in place to divinely commit this delusional moral butchery.

I am really confused to see this strangest world that we have been living in. When I see people they tend to say and believe in what I don’t. This makes me to think that there is always something that is stifling us from thinking rationally and morally.
On 23 January I had attended a scientific and religious lecture in the Melbourne convention Hall. The lecture was scintillatingly and movingly inspirational and civilizational for those who want to think independently without being mentally-high jacked by religious doctrines. The lecture was attended by well over thousands of people.

I had been intellectually intrigued by one of the renowned Newyork Times bestselling authors Sam Harris; he is a writer and neuroscientist. He delivers speech in TED Talk and more often he goes onto the global stage and on television shows for his gladiatorial verbal combat as with many religious scholars and international personalities.

His arrival to Melbourne was for me an oasis of chance to get the nectar of knowledge. I am always ready to change my mind when people like Sam Harris makes a compelling and comforting argument for who we are and what does it mean to live in this tiny speck of soil (The Earth) which is floating on the gravitational-pool. Welcoming the eclectic ideas is what it means to live your life fully and wholeheartedly but not surrendering your life to a particular brand of religious text.

Shiva Neupane, is Melbourne based Nepalese writer and the author of “ Falang English Dictionary” and “In the Pursuit Of Utopian Life in Australia”

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