My interactions with Nepalese Artists: Shiva Neupane

I have had an opportunity to interact with Nepalese Artists; Buddhi Tamang and Roj Moktan these Artists came to Melbourne a few months ago for the cultural program. I had been largely inspired by the simplicity that defines the central mojo and the personal integrity of Buddhi Tamang. It is indisputable fact that his natural knack for the adaptation to the bucolic expression or if you like a lexicon is helping him into taking his dramatic shows to the next level. Case in point “HAIT” is widely synonymous to his dramatic identity. When someone utters the word “Hait” then this naturally urges anyone to make the associations of ideas that may eventually define the personal trait of this Artist who is naturally immediate and accurate to show his artistic-excellence flawlessly.

As a dictionary writer, sometimes what I do think is that the word “Hait” can be suited or included in the standard dictionary. I have been compiling a dictionary so when word like aforementioned pops up more frequently and becomes hackneyed to the tongues of sea of people then that deserves to be included as a guest word in the standard English Dictionary because that has been the historical linguistic tradition in how English language has been moulding.

What is more intriguing for me is the fact that how these artists have made their fortune in the world of lucrative entertainment world. As a media partner, I personally felt privileged and honoured to have met Artists having a crowning glory in the public domain. It is quite interesting that their achievements tellingly suggest the fact that someone can achieve their goal if they do not give up their uphill battle or struggle.

From what little I know about Buddhi Tamang is that he came to gain this towery fame owing to his simplicity and down to earth attitude. What is more awe-inspiring thing is that a person does have an unprecedented potential to become a role model in the society that we live in. It is therefore, noteworthy to understand how people overcome the mammoth struggle by dint of their simplicity and the application of hard work ethics in their lives.

Shiva Neupane, is the author of “Falang English dictionary” and a novel “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia”. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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