FeNCAA organised webinar on Climate change and Global warming on the occasion of Everest Day.

The Federation of the Nepalese Association of Australia (FenCAA) and its Australia-wide member organisations organised various activities to celebrate the International Everest Day on May 29th to promote the preservation of Mt Everest for our current and future generations. The program was themed with the slogan “Let’s Preserve Mount Everest” and a webinar was themed “Significance of Everest and Global warming “.

This program was organized in Victoria with various experts and scholars. Dr. Sunil BabuShrestha, VC of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Ms. Angela Ford, CEO of Australian Himalayan Foundation, Dr. Giri Kattel, Environmental Scientist, Dr. Surendra Rouniyar, Climate Scientist, Prof Ram Singh, Atmosphere physicist, Anish Luitel, a youngest mountaineer from Nepal, Australia, USA, etcwere the chief attraction in the program.

The guests shared research findings and views on several aspects of the Everest ecosystem, melting of the glacier, urban pollution, and pollution from tourism. They also exchanged ideas on the role of NGOs and INGOs, the policy of the Nepal government, and initiatives toward zero-emission by 2045. Along with this, they provided insights on community ownership, and the need for a cohesive approach and collaboration amongst organizations to help tackle climate change impact.

Hon Minister Mrs. Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, in her opening remarks, shared Australia’s Government initiatives and stand on the global climate change and the need to do more collaboratively. She thanked FeNCAA for taking such initiatives and willingness to work together to raise such awareness.

Mr. Bhola Giri, State coordinator, and Dr. Krishna Hamal, President of FeNCAA welcomed the participants and highlighted the importance of webinars to bring experts and the public into one forum to discuss such an important topic. Dr. Adhikari, founding president, and Chair FeNCAA Research Committee moderated the session and provided an overview of the international efforts and initiatives on global warming, its impact on climate change, Nepal’s future socio-economy, and initiative to mitigate the impact.

After the presentation, there was an open discussion forum where a wide range of questions on Nepal’s carbon policy, zero net emission, the impact of trekking and pollution on Everest, Diaspora initiatives, Government real leadership, and commitments, lack of funding and collaboration were discussed.

The event was broadcast live on social media and attended by large numbers of people globally. Mr. Bom Yonzon, VP emphasized FeNCAA’s ongoing commitments and thanked everyone for their support and participation. FenCAA will compile the expert’s views and participants’ feedback and submit them to the government of Nepal and Australia.

Victoria’s team coordinator and host of the program, Mr. Bhola Girialso confirmed earlier that their team organized a 5 km walk (in the morning session) in Albert Park wearing a shirt with the slogan Everest Significance to raise awareness. The event was participated by over 100 people representing different community organizations. The program was concluded with a BBQ, get-together, Everest quiz, and group photo session.

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Manoj Poudyal

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