The social razzmatazz and Valentine’s Day.

Now it is time to celebrate Valentine’s day and we have already heard all the hullabaloos in and around our society about it. In the past I used to be lavishly elated when it came to celebrate Valentine’s day.

A decade or so ago, people in our society were naïve and therefore there were no sense of susceptibility on the part of them about what it meant to celebrate the day 14th February. This is to say, without understanding the core meaning of Valentine’s day we used to say happy Valentine’s day to a person that we were infatuated with.

When I was studying in plus two level, I did not know what it meant to celebrate valentine’s day, and which was why a part of me wishing that my urbane friends would not notice me of having a zilch knowledge about Valentine’s day for the fear that I would end up being culturally pariah in my friend’s circle.

Now I would bet my dollar bottom that majority of people hitherto are not acutely aware of what it really means to celebrate Valentine’s day. After getting down to the nitty-gritty of historical anecdotes about Valentine’s day I truly have construed the fact that it is importance to celebrate this day to honour the legendary romance of Valentine.

Strangely enough, I have seen many people in our society who want to celebrate this festival for the cultural window dressing but not for the purpose of honouring the priest who have made a great sacrifice by putting his neck on line for the love and compassion that the society and people wanted to have other than being deprived of their conjugal rights owing to Roman Emperor, Claudius II, who had involved in deadly battle. One day the Emperor realized their army force were outnumbered by their foes and therefore the Emperor decided to prohibiting marriage ceremonies and forcefully recruited the young people to join the army. However, Saint Valentine was an assertive priest in Rome, who stood up against the enshrined rules of the Emperor that were imposed on young people not to get married under any circumstance.

He had managed to perform marriages of young people in clandestine manner. One day, the spy of the chief of army told him that a priest was defying the rules by orchestrating the marriage ceremonies furtively.

Therefore, the Emperor ordered the chief of army to bring the priest for the punishment. The priest was brought to the jail and the jailer asked him whether the priest could teach his daughter Julia the word of God and Julia was curious as to whether she could see the world. She started to see the world shortly after Priest valentine prayed for the God.

Lastly, valentine and Julia fell in love but in the eve of his execution day the Emperor did not let anyone to enter and therefore Valentine had to write a billet-doux to Julia before his final breath as saying Your Valentine.       

Mr. Shiva Neupane is the author of Falang English Dictionary, Falang Food Dictionary and In the pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia.

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