President to be Sid Shrestha for DUNS

Deakin University Nepali Society (DUNS), a club working with an aim to create a forum for all Nepali and non-Nepali students (members) to share knowledge and provide them with networking opportunities in Australia and to promote the Nepali culture to people of non-Nepali backgrounds and instill a sense of appreciation for the Nepali Society is proudly announcing its new executive committee for 2021-2022 with a successful 2nd Annual General Meeting conducted via zoom on 30 September 2021.

The organization has allocated its team member as:

Executive Member’s President: Sid Shrestha

Vice- President: Muskan Karanjeet

Secretary: Sampurna Adhikari

Treasurer: Rigma Paudel

Geelong Coordinator: Sagar Pathak

Other goals of the organization are to introduce Nepali international students to the culture of Deakin and Melbourne and assist them a smooth transition into their life in Melbourne with the help of senior students and unite members of our club in bonds of friendship, good comradeship and mutual understanding via participation in club social events. The club is incredibly proud of what we have achieved of the year even though Covid-19 hindered a few of their plans.
However, the
club would like to thank all of their members for their support throughout the year. The club has announced that they have big plans ahead and hopefully with support from people in Australia, they will be able to grow and accomplish their goals.

With COVID-19 restrictions constantly being reinstated, many plans to organize offline events were with regrets, put off with some hopes to carry out towards to end of the year as restrictions ease. Particularly, the club is focusing on cultural appreciation and promotion this year, starting with talent competition that will have a focus on diversity and promotion of the Nepalese culture. The club will to promote Nepali culture and diversity through various events and activities throughout the year. The club has gained a significant growth in followers, not only of Nepalese background but from a diverse audience, showing that their aim of promoting collaboration and culture appreciation has been achieving outcomes on a positive trend. The club also strives to assist students who need guidance through workshops and networking opportunities.

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