The civilisational beauty of Pompeii

By: Shiva Neupane (Melbourne)

Pompeii is one of the famous archaeological sites in the Roman world. It is located in the vicinity of the bay of Naples. The city of Roman- Pompeii wasburied under the pyroclastic dust in the wake of catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.

The archaeological study entails that the city was wiped out within eighteen hours when the volcanic eruption took place in the Mount Vesuvius. The volcano not only pulverized the Pompeii but alsodestroyed its sister city the Herculaneum in a more toe-curling manner. There are many archaeologicalanecdotes as to how people in the town of Pompeii used to live in a sophisticated life style. There were many bars in Pompeii.

Therefore, the bar culture of Pompeii remains one of the interesting topics when it comes down to the nitty gritty of what wine culture had to offer in theancient time. The bar of Amarantus case in a point was most popular for the night time activities.

There had been numerous meticulous discoveries about the culinary tradition in terms of what people in the past used to eat. The anthropologists, archaeologists and scientists have discovered the final meal of ancient people of Pompeii by sifting through the ancient rubbish. The researchers have presented the corroborating evidence for the delicacies that the people of Pompeii used to eat such as songbird, sea urchin, garum and ancient piglet.  

The lupanare Grande was the oldest known brothel in the world which was discovered in Pompeii. The lupanar is Latin for house of pleasure (brothel). In the ruined city of Pompeii, the researchers have discovered the erotic paintings of love making on its walls and other unsettling sexual artefacts. After having conducted more research on sexual ancient classical world of Roman the scientists and archaeologists have vividly unearthed the facts as tohow sexual slavery brought about.

For the most part, the oriental women were kept for sexual slavery. However, other women from theneighbouring locations were involved in the flesh trade in the city of Pompeii. The city of Pompeii had to offer so much to the ancient world of Roman. The city of Pompeii had a magnificent labyrinth of street network from which the modern cities are architecturally inspired and technologically propped up. It is believed that the amphitheatre that was built in the city of Pompeii was intimidatingly awe-inspiring. The gladiators fought with their Tridents and other tools in the amphitheatre.  The Roman world has been very popular for their cultural supremacy since long time ago. For example, the wine culture, brothels, and the entertainment industry came into being existed since Roman civilisation.

Now the scientists and the engineers have used the cutting age technology and the state of the art technology to create a virtual copy of Pompeii. The use of high resolution photographs helps us todemystify the perplexing ideas about how people in Pompeii lived their lives.

It is really fascinating to come across the idea that more than three millions people make a journey each year in this archaeological site. In our country we have also so many cultural heritages and sites,yet we haven’t discovered the historical stories by which to live or attach importance to, if you will.

Mr. Shiva Neupane, is the author of Falang English Dictionary, Falang Food Dictionary, and In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia. He has been writing articles for the national daily of Nepal “The Himalayan Times” since 2005. His articles have been appeared in the mainstream newspaper of Australia “The Age”. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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