The Food culture: By Shiva Neupane

By: Shiva Neupane (Melbourne, Australia)

 Initially, we did not have any sapience about how food could reveal anyone’s hidden cultural treasures. The growing food culture has taken the giant leaf in shaping our understanding about the importance of food in our life. Gone are the days when we did not have internet the chances were slim to discover exotic food and the concept of using recipe while cooking food seemed to have been completely beyond our imagination unless we were lucky enough to get one of those recipes from the cookbooks.

Now, we are endowed with immense epicurean modernity owing to rapid digitalization of world, and thus the sense of food consciousness moment has been increasing by leaps and bounds in every nook and cranny of the world. The world has changed drastically so is our food culture. We can easily discover the culinary techniques that people use in any part of the world owing to social media platform such as Facebook and YouTube.

Previously, I did not have any zeal to learn more about foods and its gastronomic values. I have accumulated all the experiences and acquired culinary skills and knowledge over the years, and which is why I have published my own Falang Food Dictionary, which turned out to be an ice-cream on the cake while making ends meet with what I was doing.

In the process of compiling a Food dictionary, I came up with plethora of ideas. I have spent relatively a long period of time to do research on foods and its history. My longstanding experience has empowered me with the required skillset for understanding the core sense of epicurean knowledge. I was very lucky to meet an exuberant chef Gordon Ramsay to briefly talk about Nepalese cuisine.

To my mind, he has unmatched shtick or mojo by which he delves into what aesthetically beautiful food has to offer.

I usually, get asked by many people about his behavioural nature ever since I met him. Well, his behaviour is quite just the opposite to how he appears on the televised food shows. It is palpably true that Gordon Ramsay is extremely industrious chef which is why he has achieved an unmatched international reputation in the culinary world.

The mimetic videos or clips of him being downright rude and atrabilious at what he does or says is just for amplifying the intensity of sense of humour for entertaining the global audiences in a more creative manner.

I have become a staunch fan of him because of his sheer audacity in what he does. His strenuous efforts, determination, creativity have inspired me tremendously than his international stardom perse.

One of his intriguing creative performances is “An Idiot Sandwich”. It is a 2015 comedy skit where he slaps two pieces of bread on either side of Julie Chen’s ear, and makes her call herself an idiot Sandwich. This video went viral. The global audiences showed their interest in idiot sandwich and he announced his Las Vegas restaurant would be selling “Idiot Sandwich Earmuffs”.

In a nutshell, he is not just the chef but more importantly he is an architecture of brands.

 Mr. Shiva Neupane, is an author of “Falang English Dictionary”, “Falang Food Dictionary”, and “In the pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia”. He has been contributing articles for the national daily (The Himalayan Times) since 2005. His articles have appeared in the Australian Mainstream Newspaper (The Age) since 2017. For Feedback he can be contacted at  [email protected]


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