Pyrrhic victory may be the option for America:

By Shiva Neupane
In these days the western Medias are massively inundated with the news of North Korea. I remember when I was a teenage; the former U.S president George W. bush had termed North Korea, Iran and Iraq “The axis of Evil”. Likewise the famous British- American war reporter Christopher Hitchens had been reiterated the North Korea in many instances a state of Necrocray, Mausolocracy, and thanatocracy. These kinds of wicked leaderships, ideological-heritage, and political traditions have been posing a grave threat not only at the heart of western values but horrendously enough at the heart of Human civilization.

This may very well be the sign of potential clean of civilization’s clock if western gunboat diplomacy puts in place unwittingly to handle this geopolitical aggression design of an outlier modern dictator or If I may say so in Donald Trump’s words “a pretty smart cookie” of the world (Kim Jong Un). What everyone sees today’s North Korea is just the iceberg of ugly America’s triangular Sino and Soviet relations over the past decades when the Korean War broke out. It is tacitly understandable the ground reality as to why China and Russian do not take America’s diplomatic-pressure wholeheartedly or in the truest sense is because America has been self-evidently proven the world for being a problematic in various wars.

Take a hard look, the Vietnam –war wiped off the generations with their chemical and biological weapons and recent example the Middle East which has been pulverised by America missiles and ironically when it comes to accept the refugees of Middle East Trump Admiration turns its back and believes that America is not the dumping ground of world’s problems where in fact America moral-superiority seem to have been hammering the heads of world’s regimes in the name of democracy over the past decades for strengthening colonial and military occupation across the world. On April 1, 2001, the Hainan Island incident made china more vigilant in what appeared to be potential international-confrontations between America and China. This is also the fact for why China seems to be backing up North Korea to some controversial-strategic-level with geopolitical moral-compass.

I think the Trump’s administration may not able to let-up on North Korea’s nuclear proliferation unless China stops seeing the America’s dubious geopolitics in the southern china’s waters. To dismantle North Korean insane political-ideology America needs to make China as a geopolitical-fulcrum and for this the ablution of heart of America’s foreign policy is desperate for becoming a good friend of China in the first place. This is a great deal of strategic-patience by which any hideous problem can be solved without the use of or showdown of intercontinental ballistic missiles and which may give rise to possible thermonuclear war.

I adamantly believe in Malcolm Turnbull about his understating in how china has great economic and political leverages on North Korea from which the world’s democracy can be benefitted largely if America brings China on a table to not stage a war but to avoid cloud-cuckoo land. The war will destroy all of us equally. So a pretty smart cookie must be dealt with smart world’s leaders.

Shiva Neupane (A columnist of Nepali Times Australia and the author of “In the Pursuit Of Utopian Life in Australia” and “Falang English Dictionary” ).

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