The fabric of love, Life, and Existence:

By Shiva Neupane

After the millions of light years the series of intergalactic-floods of fire have given birth to millions of earth-like planets in the Universe, and from which it is sheer fortune to be endowed with cosmic-lottery for being a human.
My presence in this earth is like a flashing flame of fire on the pan.
I am on this planet just for the briefest moment in order to make the philosophical transactions in the central bank of my mental-account.
I have been beseeching this life to wearing and sheltering my physical body,
And therefore I had a vehement battle with my deaf-fate for millions of light years to get this material body.
My life is being decorated as with the frill of happiness and sadness around my facial-geography.
To get this life tailored with the bones, muscles and blood the universe took millions of light years and so forth.
This melting life came out of the womb of cosmic-deep down dens and it is sheer amazing my dream girl also came from the same cosmological route and time’s channel with her showboating –ego.
What a coincidence for both of us to have intersected in the cosmological junction the earth. The big Bang had favoured both of us at least to exchange our glances.
I am feeling dead even wearing a coat of life.
The life is cloth therefore dilapidating each second on our body,
My dream girl is ignoring the hard earned value of this life.
My heart beats and suffers thousands of times for nothing except for her,
I have unwittingly invested my feeling and love for her but I did not get anything in an exchange.
Now tell me my love, how I can be the nefarious criminal of my feelings,
My feelings and desires cringe when my lovebirds fly from the nest of my heart.
I am weeping and crying for nothing other than for her but,
I have now nothing to say to her, because God has cheated me of her.

My remembrances and memories are being wasted unwittingly,
Just killing my time and piling up huge stress I had been on the remote possibility path to her.
Now I come to know all the harvest of my love is futile,
Therefore I am defaulting the dreams.
Her someone is about to marrying her,
But I don’t give a stuff that would be the physical marriage.
I have married her spiritually and now she is the queen of my mind and heart,
My emotional business is not what people think of me while I am in the dreamy metamorphosis.
I will love her even after my physical death because the naked truth is that I have married her in my mind and spiritual world,
My feelings and desires are now getting like a house on fire on her facial geography.
My body is just a vehicle, receiving her spiritual message in turns; my spiritual message visits her by penetrating the deep sky and jumping the sleeping walls of ocean.
Again having an iota of hope I will be waiting for her,
No matter how long, even until the last night of the world.
I want to kiss on her eyes and embrace her,
And want to sow my love in the garden of her heart.
I am ready to endure rather remaining deprived of kissing her eyes and neck,
Her eyes are haunted and mesmerised me.
Hey God, why did you misunderstand me so blatantly?
I have a feeling and dream to be the best soul-mate for my dream girl
but why have you injected her ink of indifference in her brain-cells?

This poem is extracted from Mr. Shiva Neupane’s book “The Elixir of my voice” .

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