What does it mean to abolish 457 visa?

By: Shiva Neupane, Melbourne

The decision of a government to scrapping 457 visas has been creating a great deal of concern on the part of entire migration agents and the people who have been in constant rigmarole in discovering their Utopian Life in Australia.

It is indisputable fact that Australia remains the number one destination for the people around the world to come and settle down owing to unmatched opportunities that this country has to offer.

From what I know little about Australia is that this land replicates the Midas-touch. Take a hard look, when a person comes to Australia he or she probably comes with one luggage and a handbag. Generally speaking, say five or so years later they manage to achieve holistic –Dream such as earning University degrees, getting Permanent residency, buying houses and setting up their own business and the likes.

This shows the very fact that a person can do a lot more coming into Australia with a few amount of money in the pocket just for the first week expenses. But after one week or so a person begins his or her monetary-journey. The seconds and minutes will be counted and the rule of economics will apply day in and day out. When this country makes someone to learn to realize time is money at that moment they seem to be punching above their weight in the face of ground –reality. This ultimately propels their life-style at an unprecedented scale. It is therefore irrefutably well accepted notion that people have been trading their elephantine-dreams with their titanic-struggle in the process of making their fulfilling life and bright future.

Honestly speaking, I am not the right person to talk or even remotely be critical of how the whole mechanism should be like or be in place for these ongoing spectrums of governmental policies and priorities.

However, I do have moral-inquiries in terms of understanding how this current decision would accommodate the feelings of thousands of applicants who have been struggling wholeheartedly in order to make the skyscraper of their future in this rich soil.

I have watched few video clips about how Malcolm Turnbull has been reasoning the governmental issues in an even-minded manner. I find abundant logics in what he says. It is true the fact that the door for the best and brightest will be open. In my speculation it is truly baseless to compare this decision about scrapping the visas with that of Donald Trump’s travel Ban.

As a foreigner what I feel about this reform is that the Australians deserve the jobs that they are capable to do. The government has been clear in what it takes to give the opportunity for the best and brightest applicants. Therefore this is not the discriminatory- move in a nutshell.

Shiva Neupane is the author of four Books including “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia”. He contributes articles for the national level newspapers as well.

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