Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 outlandishly outfoxed the world:

On 8th march 2014 the Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 had lost its way in a mysterious manner. Not to mention, the incident not only petrified but perplexed the entire world at large. There hasn’t had any developmental trace emerged in what appeared to be a seemingly drifted wreckage of plane in the coastal area of Australia long after the incident. It still remains the unsolved aeronautical problem for why the sophisticated plane like that just went unnoticed irrespective of modern age technology.

There had been many nations that were painstakingly indulging as with their ultra-sophisticated technological paraphernalia such as telescope, military ship, and satellite. The United States of America had operated the Bluefin-21 a powerful underwater vehicle to scan the picture of the sea-floor. This kind of modern underwater vehicle has side-scanning sonar, multi-beam echo-sounder, hydrophone, and sub-bottom profiler.
The world had expected something about this cutting-edge technology to narrow down the volume of a search area of an ocean-floor. However, finally nothing had happened as expected.

The maritime safety authority often came up with the ideas that glimmer of hope was still there. Prior to this incident, the world had faced the similar sort of incident but when the same technology was operated the debris of France Flight 447 was discovered.

I can’t really understand why Malaysian Airline Flight is still elusive though the extensive, meticulous, and pragmatic research was in place and executed. There had been a slim-chance and remote-possibility to pinpoint the exact location to where the debris might have been tucked-away in a more notoriously mind-bending manner.
From day one, the diversity of thought-bubbles, assumptions, presumptions, speculations, views, and news were crossing the line of imagination. However, still no one knows the ground-reality of that incident.

This proves that there must have been a technological –loopholes from which the plane went off the trajectory. There had been a media reports that few passengers on board were holding others’ passports. This may have been an auxiliary- hint for why people were conditioned to believe in what seemed to a reasonable-doubt. This gives the inkling of plane that must have been hijacked but again that was a logical-fallacy because the guys who were using someone’s passports might have been refugees for entering into the Europe for asylum. One thing is just the work of common-sense; if the plane had been hijacked then the terrorist would have responded ill-heartedly. But nothing of that sort had happened.

Let’s hope in the future incident of this kind will be unfolded and demystified the hidden truth.

Shiva Neupane, is the author of four books including “Falang English Dictionary”. He is a CEO of “Falang English Dictionary Foundation Australia”. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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