In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia: By Shiva Neupane

I was travelling on a plane from Melbourne to Darwin. I was really inspired at having been able to notice a kid drawing a picture on a plane whilst travelling. I was constantly watching his picture on a piece of paper. It was indeed magnificent.

He was drawing a picture with his wholehearted passion under the aegis of his mum who was sitting next to him. When he was drawing a picture I really got inspired and utterly motivated to write this piece while I was on board.

I saw people around me reading bulky books and some were writing. This made me to unzip my hand bag in order for taking my laptop and start typing these words on Microsoft word document.

I was largely inspired by one thing that when I saw people around me utilizing their time even when they were flying up in the azure skies. Most of the people were busy in various activities such as reading, writing and so on.

After few hours I had jetted off to Darwin. I was really excited to see people and friends in Darwin and was thinking to interact with some of the prominent people of a community. More to this, I was desperately, willing to take interview with Nepalese students who have been struggling in Darwin for their better and bright future.

To interview Nepalese students in every nook and cranny or say, across Australia is becoming part of what I do hitherto.

I do this kind of activity to slake my investigative journalistic-appetite. Which is why, this is my grand project to do a mega research on how Nepalese students have been living and struggling in Australia. I am thinking to stuff all these harsh realities in my Novel “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia”

Few years ago, I had published a novel “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia” I am thinking to elaborate this novel in the future which is why I have been interacting and interviewing with many Nepalese students time and time again. I am very much happy that my novel “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia” has been regarded as a first Novel about Nepalese students here in Australia.

I feel the great deal of obligation for why my novel was recognized by the Nepalese community in Australia. With this in my mind, I have decided to bring next edition in the future to even make it more exemplary and intricately fine-tuned.

Shiva Neupane is the Author of “In the Pursuit of Utopian life in Australia “and “Falang English Dictionary”. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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