A Letter to the white-house and Trump Administration

By : Shiva Neupane
It is really heart-wrenching to see people fleeing for save their lives. There are millions of people who are vulnerable to deadly attacks owing to terrorism and the political unrest in their countries.

I am really disturbed at how the US, particularly the Trump administration, seems to have been ruthless in dealing with this refugee crisis. I believe this is because Trump has a zilch knowledge about the political philosophy about how these ramifications came about in the American political landscape today owing to the decade long invasion in the Gulf countries.

The Middle-East specialists who have studied the Arab and Islamic world believe that today’s ISIS is the product of American hegemony. The US is responsible for the weapons that were poured into what is now known as ISIS.

It is saddening to hear that Donald Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer in the White-House in a press briefing a week or so ago adumbrated on why Iraqi interpreters for American troops were banned to enter U.S.A. Now there is an erosion of truth on the part of Trump Administration. They clearly stated that being lenient on high profile Iraqi interpreters may help terrorists slip through the crack. This is to say in a tacit manner that America does not trust any single Muslim on the planet. I feel there is no justice for Muslims thanks to the fringe groups of Islamic radical terrorists.

I am not against Western countries’ internal affairs. Well and truly their first priority is to safeguard their own citizens from nefarious attacks. However, it is also understandable that the world’s governments are also not able to know a hawk from a handsaw whilst dealing with this humanitarian crisis in the world.

Shiva Neupane is the author of a novel “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia” and “Falang English Dictionary”

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