The God Particle

Shiva Neupane (Melbourne)

I am not a scientist to understand the laws of gravity, quantum mechanics, Ptolemaic theory, Copernican theory, and string theory. However I am deeply moved by the design of Universe and its subtle cosmological-fabrics and intricacies. The Universe as I know it may be very trivial to talk to, because the definition of Universe is strangely self-contradictory by itself.

This is to say, the concept Universe is philosophically vague. Therefore the scientists seem to be intellectually-delusional in terms of philosophical-assertions that they put forward. Gone are the days, people used to say Universe is just one. Still the idea is same and valid in general. However the scientific community is radically changed into giving scientifically puzzling clue for what we mean by Universe.

We have come to know in recent days scientists do come up with the idea of multiverses or the parallel universe. We are conditioned to have an acutely less epistemic-luck to have understood for why Universe is not only bigger than we imagine but more significantly and surely bigger than we could imagine. The philosophical-challenges have been sheltering in our minds’ abodes therefore we have been dealing in a more sceptical approach to comprehend philosophically complicated mystery though our intellectual endeavour seems like that of Sisyphean exercise.

In recent years scientists have been painstakingly hunting for the subatomic particle, they have taken a giant leap in their understanding of how the Universe came to exist in the first place. The gigantic and gargantuan Hadron Collider 100 meters below the Swiss French border to conduct experiments in practice has shown the physical reality of what must have been taken place shortly after the Big Bang.

The 30 years old theory has revealed the truest nature of particles on why they have mass and how Universe works exotically and outlandishly. However the hunting for the elusive particle was started approximately 50 years ago. The physicists have used the enormous Hadron Collider to fossicking the Higgs Boson or otherwise known as “God Particle” which can be understood by dint of “string-theory”. The finding of God-particle is a great achievement for the Human Civilization to understanding the entirety and totality of mystically problematic Universe. The God-particle has emerged so many bubbles of scientific-assertions that need to be understood for unfolding the ultimate reality of Universe with a great deal of epistemological and rational approach.

I think the science has really achieved a great deal of success. It has been actually shaping and making the building blocks of our ideas and knowledge every time we do a scientific work owing to the great thought the arcane and ordeal things have been discovered over the decades. This is a time that we should celebrate the victory of reason. We should be grateful to those scientists who have been indulging round the clock untiringly, to find out the missing particle which is lavishly important to manifest the idea of how our Universe came about. To know the nature of Universe is a tremendous achievement of Human civilization.

Mr. Neupane is the author of four books including “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia” “Falang English Dictionary” “My Waves” and “The Elixir of my voice”.

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