Not to be sneezed at

By: Shiva Neupane (Melbourne)
By and large, we do not attach importance to what we have in our life. Therefore, we have been jostling with so many emotional and mental hurdles within us. From the very beginning we have been getting pissed off with the numerous issues that are associated with our material life, whether they areachievable or not in pragmatic sense or in principle. We do feel downhearted when we can’t make even to keep up with the Joneses. In simpler words, we always tend not to be satisfied with what we have and become ultimately vulnerable to be sneezed at what we are lacking.

I reckon, we all are rich in what appears to be our raison d’être of existence but we are lacking to understand the very truth for why our thoughtmatters to us when it comes to feel satisfied about our materialistic life.

It is truly untrue to assume that we can be gratified with what we have. We all are the living proofs of starving-dreams. We have a reproduction of dream in every phase of our life. Our dream is delusional bait which is taking us far end of our life before we even can realize the corridor of time.

Last time I was reading a brief summary of an article or if you like a synopsis in the form of quotation. I was really inspired by reading that life changing paragraph. It was something like this. Well I studied in my life and graduated and rushing for a job and after that I was parenting my children I did not realize how quickly I arrived at the door of death without having had to save time for smile in my life. I was totally invested and being notoriously laborious in order for chasing my dream.

I sometimes, think why do we really become insanely materialistic and let our spirit diminished for nothing other than money and temporal material gratification. I personally feel, when we think too much about money we become spiritually bankrupted for sure fire.

It is always indispensable to balance our beautiful life with the nasty truth “wealth”, As we know pelf is undeniably important thing in our life, but we need to take into account one thing that money is something but not everything. If we fail to understand these subtle differences then we will be entangled in the ocean of never ending materialistic anxieties.

Shiva Neupane, is a Melbourne based Nepalese writer. He has published “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia” and “Falang English Dictionary”. Mr. Neupane can be contacted at: Shiva_neupane01@hotmail.com

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