Affordable Nepal: A Glimpse Of Adventure

Nepal is currently the fifth most affordable country in the world. While as India and Pakistan are ranked first and third affordable countries respectively. A tropical country with great food and a rich history, Nepal is paradise for backpackers. It’s the perfect escape from the craziness of your day-to-day lifestyle, as you relax in the countryside. Nepal has already the cheapest accomendations in the world now and least travelling expenses possible.

The Himalayas offer the best trekking in the world, and scenic mountain towns like Pokhara offer travelers a rare glimpse into Nepalese life and various typical cultures to enjoy. And Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha offers many historical places to visit. 8 of the tallest mountains in the world to view with the taste of green scenary will definately melt your heart. One can enjoy grenary, cultures, festivals from the lap of beautiful Mount Everest proudly recognizing Nepal in the world.

Can’t decide where to go? Visit Nepal!! The cheapest restaurant meals and apartments are found in Nepal with cheap living expenditures. Nepal is really interesting when it comes to guest house rentals. You can get a complete dump in Kathmandu for $7/night, or what amounts to a luxury suite (for Nepal anyway) in Pokhara for $8/night. So its quite cheap and affordable.

As a gateway to the Himalaya Mountains, Kathmandu has a very outdoor-oriented culture. When not working, locals enjoy the always-growing restaurant scene or hanging out at the bars; by law, bars must close at midnight, so nightlife here gets started earlier. So forget all stress and visit Nepal once. It will be one of the best trip here.

By Avi

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