NRNA Australia Academic Achievement Award for International and domestic students

Call for submitting credentials for NRNA-Australia Academic Excellence Award

NRNA-Australia Academic Excellence Awards aim to acknowledge and promote student academic excellence in Australia. These national-level awards recognize Nepalese students for outstanding academic achievement in a combination of coursework studies and for substantial contribution to their field of research undertaken at Australian tertiary education institutions including VET.

NRNA-Au is cognisant of the need to formally recognise academic excellence of high achievers through academic awards to encourage young talent and leadership of the young Nepalese community in Australia.

Award categories: This year NRNA-Au shall present the following Academic Excellence awards of recognition, under the auspices of the NRNA Australia, as approved by the NCC in the following categories and levels.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) (with a minimum of two years of study) Academic Excellence award:
Undergraduate Academic Excellence award:
Postgraduate Academic Excellence award:
PhD International Student Academic Excellence award
NRNA-Au Woman in science award*

A NRNA-Au President’s Letter of Commendation will be awarded to all PhD Graduates with an excellent academic performance.

Award Levels: There will be three levels of awards: first, second and third

Criteria for evaluation:

Selection is a competitive process, based on academic performance via course outcomes such as cumulative GPA and esteem factor to reflect the engagement and impact on the wider Australian society.

The esteem factor could cover volunteering work in non-profit and charity organisations, engagement in community groups and achievements in sports, arts and cultural performance.

For the Higher Degree research category, the academic excellence can also be attested through publications stemming from the thesis, and recognition for the quality of research (e.g., prizes and awards conferred, recognition by professional organisations, invitations to prestigious conferences) and other appropriate research outputs (e.g., patents, exhibitions, performances and other creative works).

The evaluation committee listed below will set forth evaluation criteria based on the guideline listed above.

Applicable graduation year and process of application:

From January 2019 to September 2020. Attendance in the graduation ceremony for any of award categories is not considered mandatory.

How to lodge the application:

Applications must be emailed directly to [email protected]

Pleasw, attach all relevant documents with the application form. The application form can be downloaded from www.nrn.org.au

Relevant documents:

The following documents will be relevant for the evaluation. Filled out an application form that accompanies this call Academic transcript where grades are indicated Award or proof of graduation. Any awards/recognition by the conferring institution (e.g. Vice Chancellor’s Award, Dean’s awards, etc), Evidence of recognition in sports, arts, and cultural performance Evidence of engagement and recognition by charity, a non-profit organization, a community group for volunteering work.

In the case of PhD and master-by-research applicants: research and review papers, patent IP, exhibitions, performances and other creative works in addition to the record of completion of the degree

Deadline for Application:

Monday, 23 November 2020, 11.59 pm

Terms and Conditions: Declare any conflict of interest, permission for picture, name and a brief biography to be used by the NRNA in media for the purposes of publicity.

Note: Any applicant if identified as having convicted of the violence or criminal activity prior or after the award is conferred, NRNA-Au will retain the right to withdraw the award from such awardee.

Evaluation committee:

Professor Benu Adhikari (Chair)

Professor Prem Chhetri (member)

Dr Mom Biswakarma (member)

Dr Pragya Gartoulla (member)

Dr Jonu Pradhan (member)

*Note: NRNA-Au Woman in Science will be awarded to a female Ph.D. candidate in the case female Ph.D. graduates miss out on the Academic Excellence award (Ph.D.).

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