The freedom to die may welcome the suicide-tourism

By: Shiva Neupane (Melbourne)
It is extremely shocking and morally -delusional topic whether the state government should consent with the idea that the terminally ill patients have right to choose death for ending life. The western countries have been battling constitutionally and civilisation- ally with the notion that whether the assisted- suicide should be practiced upon the request of terminally ill patients.

There has been longwinded conversation and robust discussion on why the essence for enshrining the laws for mercy-killing is desperate in the twenty-first century.

Recently, Victoria has received the proposals, if by any chance be enacted into law, then victoria may very well be the first state in Australia to make it legal for doctor- assisted suicide. However, there is an enormous legal, medical, moral and religious concern for resisting the move. For instance, the New Zealand and Australia society of Palliative and other relevant parties have been rigorously being serious for the ramifications that may come in for worsening the Human values at large.

Case in point, the Australian Christian lobby in an essence, has a key role for raising the voice in order for clarifying the substance from a shadow.
The people who make a suicidal destination in the overseas should be documented by the state for conducting the major scrutiny whether their decision is based on just-cause or not. It is therefore largely understandable the fact that human psychological-mood can bring the colossal- consequences in Human civilization.

It is indispensably and consistently logical to keep these things in mind the fact that the world where they get a legal-loophole to terminate their life must be thoroughly investigated to find out whether the local or native authority is legally welcoming this civilizational-butchery business for their vested economic reason just to make money out of this horrendously ugly business.

I truly find this move has real Humanitarian and civilizational-challenges because in real sense this seems to us an outlandishly weird and wacky civilizational- terminating industry.

The world we are living today seems to me grotesquely horrifying because as we know chronically ill or a depressed person naturally gets swung by the suicidal-waves in the pool of their unconscious minds.

It is quite reasonable that they want to die for not being suffered for a long time. However, I strongly refute the elite-society and medical society either implicitly or explicitly providing the green-light for those people who want to die or choose to take doctor assistance for the termination of their life.
I truly believe that a person can be given palliative-care if the situation seems to be unruly. The making of this business legal in Victoria may give an ill-opportunity to disrespect the grandeur of life that did emerge by the remote-chance after billions of years through the endless cataclysmic-cosmological events.

The government needs to educate the people who are lacking their philosophical-hygiene to make sure that they are largely immune to anxieties that may otherwise kiss the death and in worst case scenarios may extract their souls out of their bodies.
And this may very well be the beginning of end of the Human civilization.

Mr. Shiva Neupane, is Australia based Nepalese writer and Journalist. He has published a novel “In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia” and “Falang English Dictionary”. He can be contacted at: [email protected]

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