Student’s Voice: Australia’s reality

Me:- Excuse me!! What’s your plan after completing +2??
He/She:- Well, I am planning to apply for USA or Australia.
Oh my god. Trust me, whomever I have asked this question, more than 80% have answered me the same.

It takes a strong heart and guts to leave beloved family, friends and country and move abroad chasing dreams to do something in life. The number of Nepalese students seeking admission to universities in Australia is increasing. The instability caused by the Maoist insurgency in Nepal, has led Nepalese students to turn to Australia in search of academic qualification and excellence. Choosing Australia can be one of the finest decision you have ever made in your life only if you can struggle here. Nothing is easy here. Trust me. Nothing!!One motto is suitable here. Perform and Survive!! If you perform, you survive here. If not, this is not the right destination for you people.

It’s really difficult arranging all the documents there in Nepal to apply. One must go through several documentation processes and finally lucky ones get visas. After that they must arrange accomendations here in Australia and need to settle down constantly. One of the biggest challanges here is to manage the costs. Specially we, the students must arrange their costs for living, food and universities expenses. The trend of thinking money is easy to earn in Australia is growing in Nepalese Community. We people exactly dont think how much stamina and pressure one must go through here to manage the cost. Life isn’t that easy one has expected to be. People discriminate jobs and show no respect to small jobs back in Nepal. But here, its all about respect in every aspects.

The time shedule here is so tight that one must wait till weekend to hangout with friends. Huge buildings, clean roads, 24 hours facilities of electricity, internet and many more makes you forget everything back in Nepal but when you see your friends chilling out with families then you realise what great thing you missing there.

One thing you need to understand is that you must select the PR leading courses to study in Australia. It helps to settle down here in future. It is better to come with the dependent if possible which can be economical and emotional support to each other. If you want to secure your future labouring hard at present then you are most welcome here. But if you believe you came here just seeing the beautiful pictures posted by your friends then welcome to hell Friend!!!

By Avi

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