Why would government declare a holiday for Christmas revellers?

Apropos of the news story “Public holiday declared for Christmas” (THT, December 25, Page 1), Why would government declare a holiday for Christmas revellers?

I was born in a devout Hindu family, I do not hold the obdurate views that only Hindu festivals should be recognized nationally. I am an agnostic person so it doesn’t really matter to me about which religion is most apt for the nation to be celebrated.

One thing I really can’t understand even in countries like America , Canada, Australia, and Britain despite there being millions of Hindus is that these countries do not declare a holiday for Hindus in their national calendar.

It would have been better had the government given holiday only to the practising Christians working in government offices and corporations, just like at Teej festival when only women are given a holiday.

Christianity is a well funded religious organization on this planet, with many denominations and world-wide networks and enjoying the backing of powerful countries of the West.

The poverty-stricken countries are safe heavens for Christianity to expand. Religion has to do with the soul and purely personal relationship between the believer and what we call God.

But buying the loyalty of poor people by tempting them with material benefits goes against the basic spirit of any true religion. Hinduism does not believe in this outrageous and anti-religious practice.

Such conversions hijack people’s independence and free choice.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne

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