Swimming!! A Game oF Happiness or A reason of Death!!!

Death is uncertain. The death of Sujan Adhikari in Sydney,Australia during Christmas shocked the whole Nepalese community. With this recent incident still in mind, another painful incident again grabbed the people attention. A man named Sujan Sharma was drowned while swimming and died on 26 of December. He was enjoying his holidays with his friends in Kangaroo Valley and he was drowned there. According to his brother-in-law Rabin Subedi,”Sujan was feeling uncomfortable to swim with the life jacket and took it off.

Afterwards he was invinsible and the people around there immediately called police and ambulance through emergency number but couldn’t save Sharma. A special Diving team thus was involved in the search of Sharma body and with a continous effort for 4 hours, his body was found. Currently, his body is in Solheaven Hospital, Kangaroo valley.
Talking more about Sharma, He was an Nepali citizen who was living in Bouddha,Kathmandu and had visited Australia in Student visa on Augest of 2013. He had currently completed his study and was planning to apply for PR.

In Sydney, he was living with his wife in Belmore. According to the Rabin Subedi,” Mrs Sushma Magar, wife of Mr.Sharma is unconcious after the death of her husband.”.With two sisters in the family, his parents have urged to send his body to Kathmandu as soon as possible. Back to back deaths by drowing of Nepalese have shocked the people here and during this hard time we all should help to send the death body where it belongs. The banking details is in the name of Mrs Sushma Magar.
Bank Details:-
a/c Name: Sushma Magar
BSB no: 062133
A/c No: 11224342

So what might be the reasons of these unexpected deaths?? Carelessness?? Over excitement?? Well, we Nepalese people have a bad habit of ignoring small mistakes and getting excited over a small thing. Same thing happened here. Mr.Sharma ignored life jacket and ultimetly he was dead. It is important to know how to be safe when you are in water. If you dont know swimming better not visit such places. Never swim alone. Even at a public pool or a lifeguarded beach, use the buddy system. Make sure you swim sober and keep alert and check the weather conditions. And mostly young children and inexperienced swimmers must use life jackets for safety.

Nevertheless, we lost two of our Nepalese brothers which is indeed a very sad news. May God give strength to their family to bear the grief. May their soul rest in peace in Heaven.

By Avi

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