Arizona style mexican eatery in Town: The lazy Gringo needs to wake up.

Friday comes with reason to smile. Being a foodie person i thought of trying some different cuisine to relish my taste buds on the other hand I was missing my regular tastes of Malaysia, a food paradise country. Finishing early task at office, I was looking forward to try some spicy, sweet, crunchy, stuffed delicacy then I thought to check in at The lazy Gringo, The only Arizona style Mexican food in KTM. It is located at jawalakhel chowk, single flooraccessible by a staircase to restaurant.

As I step in I didn’t find welcoming. Tables were occupied with foreigners and I could hardly see local crowd coming in, may be people are not aware of this specialty restaurant. The restaurant looks cozy and comfortable to dine. Ambience was created to enlighten the mexicanflavor.

Sitting next to window overlooking a busy Jawalakhel circle, The Lazy Gringo is a fun, happy and colorful place, just as you would expect a Mexician restaurant be. I couldn’t stop ordering the food stretching my hand, I was seeking a busy server attention towards me, approached with a menu, left on the table and continued his work. Menu was playful as well as colorful. You can make your own Burriot (So if you are vegan, this is a great place!) and nachos and you name it. Mine was Rock and Roll Burito as I stuffed grilled chicken, cheese, spinach, tomato and added extra fillings corn and rolled. Thought it was my main course, I did ordered starter, one of their signature Taco Salad and Nachos to be fair enough to my tummy.

Don’t get surprised as mostly server are busy and no attention will be given at your table.. you need to raise your voice or do some stretching to meet your needs so that you have appetite to eat later. Food was served efficiently and there is nothing called sequence all my order was ready within 15 mins and me and my friend were staring each other. Taco Salad was balanced colorful diet. The sour cream, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, salsa, olives and shredded chicken look nice and messy.Messy usually equals yummy, after all.

I must admit I am not too fond of mexican food and don’t often indulge in it this time I convinced myself to try it out. So having to choose what was to go into my Burrito was a tough one. I chose grilled chicken, cheese and lettuce in a regular portion. What I received was didn’t impress me at all. Tortilla wrapped into a closed-ended cylinder was super cold, grilled chicken was tiny, overlapped with shredded cheese. The plating system is normal and old fashioned chinaware is injustice for the food elegance. The water jug was broken and was joined with water tape which looked disgusting. Nachos with red bean topping was one of my poor selection. It’s a waste however tortilla was crunchy and we keep biting it over our discussion.

Baño (Toilet) was decorated with their upcoming promotions along with their press release cuts framed inside the whole toilet, but they forget to empty the bin as it was overflowing.

Overall, I really enjoyed my window view; circle jawalakhel street, colorful menu and ambience of The lazy Gringo. For betterment and uplift to next level, the management haveto upgrade their food quality, replenish old and broken crockeries and not to forget the prime thing, eye for detail to every customer dinning.

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