The silent contributor : Ujjwal Khanal

Nepal Festival 2016 finally came to an end with certain people playing a major role to make this event a huge success. Ujjwal Khanal: a graphic designer and web developer has played a significant role to promote the festival from the very beginning. An artwork is crucial in a promotion of any event. Mr.Khanal created all the posters and developed a promotional Facebook apps which went through all the Nepalese Melbourians attention. He had been working effortlessly day and night for the promotions with various designs.

Mr.khanal has also developed a website www.helpbegin.com which aims to help individual and organization to raise funds for the charity, education, nonprofits and much more, initiated to make the world know about the social causes. His efforts are commendable and worth recognizing. We, the entire Enepal team wish him luck and thank him for all the hard work he has done for the Nepalese community.

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