Nepal House: The centre of attraction at Nepal festival

Everyone in Melbourne, Australia have an determined eye on Nepal Festival sheduled in 17 of December at beautiful Federation Square. With the aim of promoting Nepalese cultures, arts, parades and more, many national and international personalities will be attending this event. The upcoming event is greatly challenged by the likes of Christmas festival but the event organiser is brave enough to introduce Nepal once again in Melbourne.

What’s new in this festival? Well, there are much more things to enjoy this time. Cultural songs, dresses, arts and customes are the things to watch out. But this time the main attraction of the festival will be NEPAL HOUSE.

Yes, Nepal House. The main objective of the Nepal House at Nepal Festival is to give Australian visitors a quick peek about Nepal which includes cultures, arts and traditions. The Nepal house explores art-carved windows, art pieces and land scape which is further decorated by back drop of Machhapuchre Himal. The idea is to display Nepalese unique house architecture, landscape and diverse culture and more informations about Nepal. This house is the best way to introduce Nepali children born in Australia about our ethnic groups, cultures and arts in the single frame. They will understand about our cultures and traditions. If you want to know about Nepalese housing styles and rituals, do visit at the Federation Square to view the Nepal House and lets promote Nepal here in Australia. Show your presence and let the world know how rich Nepal is.

The program starts with a cultural Parade from State Library of Victoria at 11 am. After having a round in the city, there will be the conclusion of the parade at Federation Square at 12 pm. Cultural activities including Dohori will be conducted between 12:30 to 3pm. 3-5pm is for the formal program. The most facinating part is from 5-9:30 pm as the national band Kandara and artists Khuman Adhikari and Ramila Neupane will entertain the crowd. Afterwards the program is concluded at 9:35pm.Hi

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