NRNA Nari Nikunja Victoria is conducting zoom session for yoga and exercise

During this pandemic time, NRNA Nari Nikunja Victoria Coordinator Kajal Kiran and member Lalisha Thapa came up with this beautiful program to provide free 1-1.5 hours of online sessions for yoga and exercise. Lalisha has been doing a few of these sessions from the last few months. They want to share this knowledge in free, with the community to stay more positive, powerful, and peaceful.

They say, “we do not need anything in return we just want our people to be healthy and happy. It’s all about Healing. Heal your body, heal your Nature, or unwanted habit.”


They have combined physical, mental, and energy exercises together to get awaken where 1-hour session is divided into 3 halves. 1st half is for warm-up and drills. This includes upper body and lower body exercises with equipment – dumbbells or water bottle as a replacement.

2nd half is for practicing Mindfulness by practicing yoga, stretching, and breathing.

3rd half is very important here where it helps to purify and open the 7 chakras of the human body. Theses chakras are present in every human body which is a very powerful source of energy. The energy that we use in our day to day life for example to stay healthy, stress-free, light, happy, and many more.

They have 4 weeks of sessions which is divided into 4 different projects. 1st week they are focusing on building fitness and to know slightly more about ourselves and our strength. Here they are talking about mental fitness, how mentally strong is our mind in making moral decisions.

2nd week they will be practicing more purification about positivity, mental health, self-connection, and self-control through exercises yoga and meditation. Eg: How to take control of your anger. From this week they will start guided meditation once a week.

3rd week is all about our achievements, creativity, and growing more. Eg: We will ask the guest to come up with any Asana or pose they wanted to learn.

4th week they will focus more on our loved ones such as family and friends. Eg: How all the sessions have impacted on their family or their day to day life regarding physical fitness and mental fitness. They are going to start from the second day of the week by a guided meditation class. The rest 5 days are for regular light exercise and yoga classes. This sessions will be very fruitful for everyone to make a change in their life/ health both mentally and physically.

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