Pushpa Basnet: The inspirational idol

Who are Heroes??? Hollywood heroes? Bollywood heroes? Here its not about acting in the movies or dramas. It means doing something really appreciatable mostly involving in the social works and doing something better for the society. And CNN heroes refers the heroes from all around the world contributed in all the possible sectors. It honours individuals who make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid and make a difference in their communities. This program was started in 2007. Continuing its trend, it also honoured heroes in 2016 contributing in various categories.

The CNN superhero of the year 2016 is awarded to none other than our own Pushpa Basnet. She is a warrior started a children’s center in Nepal to help kids whose parents are imprisoned. With the motto of ‘no child grows up behind prison walls’,she started rescuing the children who are often the “silent victims” of incarceration struggling to cope while their parents are behind bars. A Nepali child who once lived in prison with his/her parents now has a brighter future thanks to CNN Hero PUSHPA BASNET. She also won the CNN hero award in 2012 as well.


Basnet is one of several in Nepal who have started groups to get children out of prison. Since 2005, she has assisted more than 100 children of incarcerated parents. She runs a day care program for children under 6 and a residental home where mostly older children receive education, food, medical care and a chance to live a more normal life. “Its not fair for these children to live in the prison because they haven’t done anything wrong,”said Basnet, , who started this non governmental organization to help. During this early projects many personnel doubted about her efforts but now she had achieved almost everything from this field and is well known all across the world as the CNN hero. Her biggest concern is trying to find ways to do more to give the children a better future. Their happiness is always foremost in her thoughts.


Puspha Basnet is the great inspiration for those who think one can’t contribute for the welfare of the society. Life is all about ups and downs. When you are down, you must stand up again and try what you failed before. Never the less you will definately achieve what you deserve.If you need a better society and a country, every individual must step forward. Basnet winning CNN superhero award 2016 is the proud moment for all Nepalese. Lets hope every Nepali from every corner of the world will stand up and participate in all possible ways to make Nepal a better country ending all the crimes and anti-social activities.

By Abinash Khanal

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