Message from the CEO of Buddha Travels and Tours Australia regarding Nepal Festival Melbourne 2016


Nepal Festival 2016 – Dec 17th at Federation Square
With just a weeks to go for the greatest Nepal event that happens every two years and all the preparations are going on in full swing. The organisers are working very hard to make sure everyone had a great time at this event goes on well.

Ever since Malaysia Airlines started operations to Kathmandu the NRNs and international travellers from all over the world have widely benefitted. The connectivity to Nepal is great with various options introduced by Malaysia Airlines. The Nepal community have received tremendous support from Malaysia Airlines and the flights are operating in full capacity from various cities in Australia to Kathmandu. This year Malaysia Airlines along with Buddha Travel & Tours have extended their generous support to the Nepal Festival 2016.

With the Nepali community growing in Australia it is great to see the support that we are receiving form major airlines such as Malaysia Airline. Malaysia Airline along with Buddha Travel & Tours are the Official Travel Partners for this year’s Nepal Festival. Buddha Travel & Tours’ credibility with major airlines made it possible for them to collaborate with Malaysia Airlines and work together in the Nepal Festival 2016. Buddha Travel & Tours and Malaysia Airlines have partnered together for the main objective of promoting ‘Nepal as a Destination’. The April 2015 Earthquake had a devastating impact on the number of tourists visiting Nepal and we would like to say that it almost back to normal now.

We would like to thank Malaysia Airlines for their dedicated support to the Nepalese community in Australia and contribution for the Nepal Festival 2016. We request everyone to come and enjoy the day with Nepal Cultural Shows, Traditional Dances and Music, Nepalese Food and Plan your Travel to Nepal. The Nepal Government has also Declares 2018 as ‘Visit Nepal Year’. We request everyone to save the date and be there to enjoy the festivity.

By Bhim Neupane 

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