146 Nepalese got COVID-19 in Victoria, Australia


Victoria: With the rapidly rising of COVID-19 cases, people in Victoria are getting very anxious. As per the press release from the Consulate office of Nepal to Victoria, till now there are 146 Victorian COVID-19 cases with Nepal listed as their country of birth (diagnosed up to and including 02/08/20). On a positive note, their health conditions are stable, and all patients are recovering. 42 out of those 146 are recovered and cleared from isolation whereas 104 cases are still active.

The Consulate Office of Nepal to Victoria and its Honorary Consul General are seriously concerned after learning 146 Nepalis living in Victoria (listed Nepal as their country of birth) have been diagnosed with COVID-19 so far. They urge members of the Nepali community, and all Victorians to abide by the safety measures to help keep Victoria safe. The Consulate Office also acknowledges the current critical situation and expresses its solidarity with the measures imposed by the Victorian Government towards containing the spread of COVID-19 in Victoria.

They have requested every member of the community to continue practicing vigilance – to avoid unnecessary travel outside their homes, unless for emergencies or food-supply. They appeal to everyone, who has been affected or instructed to self-isolate to adhere to the Government’s guidelines and not to go out of their allocated isolation place. There are huge penalties and legal consequences for disobeying public health orders, therefore follow the rules and make sure to use Face Mask when going out in the public.

If anyone is exhibiting symptoms or has come in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, kindly get yourself tested. DO NOT hide if you have any symptoms. Not only you, but millions around the globe are affected, therefore you should not be shy or worry about the associated stigma. Get yourself tested and STAY SAFE.

Currently, stage 4 restrictions for Melbourne, including restrictions in businesses and offices are in place in Melbourne, and stage 3 restrictions in regional Victoria. We urge our community members to be aware of the applicable restrictions and to strictly adhere to them.

If you want to know more about COVID-19 or you want a relief fund than please fill free to fill up the following form:


For further information on COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria, please refer to:


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