A Hundi agent Bharat K.C. got arrested in Australia for fraud charges


Melbourne: A Nepalese man, Bharat K.C. got arrested last Thursday (30/7/2020) in Melbourne for fraud charges. He is living in Australia for the last 7 years and has been involved in various fraud charges and other controversies. He is one of the agents of Hundi remittance (illegal money transfer) and has been scamming innocent Nepalese in the name of sending money, where the majority of them are Nepalese students. After further investigation, K.C. will encounter court within this November.

He has been using several names to scam people and there are 11 victims who have encountered MNTV and have already reported in the police for further investigation. According to them, Hundi owes two lakhs dollars to them and there are still more than 26 victims who have got scammed. That money was brought from Nepal to pay their university/college fees. It is found that K.C. has borrowed AUD 30,000 from a single person in the name of sending that money to Nepal.

On 12th June, K.C. consulted with the Nepalese Association of Victoria, NRNA Victoria, and other community members and assured that he will return 50% of the owing amount to the victims within a month. He also agreed to leave such illegal work, but instead, he didn’t return that money but continued to fraud again. So, the victims again complaint in the Nepal Embassy in Canberra, Consulate General of Nepal in Victoria to take strong action against him.

If you have also got scammed by Bharat K.C. or any Hundi agents than please report in Fawkner Police Station, Melbourne, or contact in (03) 9355 6000. Else you can report it through email at [email protected].

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