Victoria Stage 4 restrictions formally declared after 671 new cases


State government officials of Victoria has announced a Stage 4 Lockdown restrictions after 671 new corona cases and 7 deaths were reported on Sunday (2/8/2020), where 6 are from aged care, raising the death toll to 123. There are 760 unknown cases, where the source of infection couldn’t get traced. Therefore, Premier Daniel Andrews announced further restriction in Melbourne for the next six weeks i.e. until September 13.

From Sunday night, a daily curfew will apply from 6 pm across the city, and exercise will be limited to one hour daily within five km of home and in groups of no more than two.

Residents will only be able to leave their homes to buy food, work or study, exercise, or give care. Shopping is restricted to one person from each household, once per day.

All students will return to home-based learning from Wednesday. Childcare facilities in Melbourne will also only be open to children of essential workers.

Cafes and restaurants will continue to offer takeaway services only.

Andrews said more announcements would be made on Monday for how workplaces will be impacted by the measures.

However, the supermarkets, butchers, and bakeries would remain open and discouraged panic-buying.

The premier warned there will be zero tolerance for those violating the new curfew orders. “If you are out with no good reason to be out after 8 pm tonight, you will be caught, and you will be fined.”

The State of Disaster in Victoria, in place from 6 pm on Sunday night, will exist in addition to the State of Emergency already in place, which gives police additional powers.

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Manoj Poudyal

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