The Making of Mahanayak: Rajesh Hamal:

Shiva Neupane (Melbourne)

There has been a huge media cacophony over the statement that was given by Nepalese actress Deepa Shree Niraula in an interview on media. There was a massive tsunami of verbal diatribes on the social media shortly after Deepa had downsized the image of Rajesh Hamal by putting her counter- question in an interview. To my knowledge, Rajesh Hamal has been synonymous to Nepalese film industry. What made Rajesh Hamal the Mahanayak in Nepali film industry is his great contribution to the Nepali film industry. It is clear that Rajesh Hamal had made his arduous journey in the film industry for more than a quarter of century without being tired or halted.

When the nation was politically paralysed and got stuck with civil war, there was zilch hope for anyone to secure their future in the film industry other than trying to flee to America for green card and for the sense of financial security.  Therefore, majority of Nepalese actors and actresses have chosen Baltimore their second home. The one and only actor Rajesh Hamal had remained one man army to safeguard the future of Nepali film industry. He could have easily settled in America like most of his colleagues but he remained in Nepal for Nepali film industry.

Some of his colleagues may have disagreements for the title that Rajesh Hamal has received from the sea of people. To my mind, Rajesh Hamal deserves the title “Mahnayak” for many reasons. He is the voice of people and he is the one who made tremendous contribution to the Nepali film industry. What is stopping some fringe group of people to appreciate Rajesh Hamal for his long standing commitment and determination?

To my knowledge and experience, Rajesh Hamal is very charismatic and down to earth personality. I have a very good experience about how he responds the individuals. To be honest, Rajesh Hamal is only one actor who easily responded me when I was in Nepal for his interview nearly a decade ago.

The moment when I got chance to interview Rajesh Hamal I was over the moon because that was the first interview I was doing with the super star. And that came as a journalistic breakthrough in my career and which is why I got an opportunity for interviewing and interacting with Bollywood super Star Aamir khan and other senior national and international public figures over the years.

In my opinion, the making of Mahanayak requires a great deal of public support and most importantly their endorsements for that matter. I would like to request all the people and the social media users to comment reasonably and responsibly. The new apology video message has been posted by Deepak Raj Giri for stopping public to hold a grudge against Deep Shree.

Shiva Neupane, is the author of Falang English Dictionary, In the Pursuit of Utopian Life in Australia, Falang Food Dictionary, My waves, The Elixir of my Voice. His articles have been appeared in the Australian mainstream newspaper “The Age”, the national daily of Nepal “The Himalayan Times” and the scores of other media outlets. He can be contacted at [email protected]



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