A woman gets pregnant and the news is shared to her closed ones. Everyone gets excited for the arrival of a baby. Days passes by and some months later the husband takes his wife to the hospital and returning back home, the woman starts to scream and cry because she has a girl child in her womb as she’s got no right to give birth to her. 

Imagine what a mother feels giving up a child because she’s of her own gender. Every day a girl child is aborted and my heart shakes with grave while I imagine the pain a mother has to suffer and the status of people of my gender in the world where I live. In case she’s born, nobody loves neither respects her and has no value.

A Illustration of young girl who is forced to stay in a Chau during her menstrual cycle.

Courtesy:The Himalayan Times

No matter how she behaves, no matter how much skills and capabilities does she have as an individual, she’s always treated bad and always hated or less loved simply because she’s a girl. It has been stereotyped or the belief in the people’s mind that one gender is intrinsically superior to another.

For Nepal, men are superior to women. Boys can make decisions for their life but a girl cannot. Boys are allowed to enjoy their life but a girl has to get involved in household chores. Still men are allowed to hit a woman but woman cannot even think of doing that. 

A son child is sent to a private school and a daughter is not sent or sent to a government school. Girls are taken as so called “low class” and respect for them doesn’t exist. She is always disrespected and is not allowed to put her voice out. She is shut since the birth and has to always agree to what men say.

Picture Depicting Domestic Violence

This perspective and mind set of people has led to the sexual harassment, rape and many other forms of sexual violence. Every single day a woman gets raped but why not men? A girl has the fear of getting harassed or raped brutally once she steps out of home and little conscious at home as well. But why not men? Because patriarchy still exists.

Theres the belief that the men are the most superior ones and woman are the ones who has to lie in their foot. Men are allowed to whatever they want to but a woman needs a permission from men. Father is said to be the first love of their daughter but a sad and a true story, an 18 year old girl got raped by her own father in this lockdown not even once but twice.

Daughter, a replica of mother has to suffer those harsh thing from their own father and that can break anyone into pieces. We cannot even imagine what that girl went through. If a father can rape her daughter, imagine what others can do.

Dear men, A girl is a daughter, a pride, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a wife and eventually a mother. If you are to respect your mother, your sister, your wife, learn to respect every single girl you see. Don’t blow a whistle on them but see them with love and respect.

Don’t call her with the words that she cannot bear but speak to her as a sister or a loving friend. She deserves respect, infact everyone does.

Girl should not be given a class but should be taken and treated as equal as men. The world’s changed. Girls now are equally as capable as men.

There’s very less that a guy can do and a girl cannot. We need both genders equally like a two sides of a coin, in absence of one other is incomplete. So why differences in men and women?

We, the generation of civilization needs to understand the fact that none is less that anyone. Everyone is capable of doing their things in the respective field.

We need to work together and develop a mindset so that we don’t have that differences in our mind relating to gender and any other thing like caste, race, religion etc that our ancestors had had.

Loving everyone doesn’t cost a penny but will give you a lot of pennies in return. You’ll have that satisfaction that she’s or he’s happy because I love her and he/she feels special about it.




Forewords By:Bipashwee Nepal

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