Governor of Koike, Tokyo “From the beginning of the week,“ Step 2 ”” New Corona:-

Devendra lama

Governor Koike of Tokyo explained the future response to the new coronavirus at a press conference held at 2:00 pm on the 29th.

Among them, Governor Koike said of the infection situation in Tokyo, “Experts have told us that it is not difficult to understand the infection situation. Furthermore, the number of severely ill patients and inpatients is decreasing, and the medical care provision system is also decreasing.  We have secured enough. “

In addition, he announced that from the beginning of next month on the first day of the next week, he will move from the current “Step 1” to the next “Step 2” in the step of mitigation, such as requesting leave, to broaden the scope of mitigation.

If you proceed to “Step 2”, you will be able to restart the cram school, theater, movie theater, gym, and retail stores such as department stores.

On the other hand, Governor Koike said, “It is a fact that a certain number of new positives are still occurring. We would like all residents of Tokyo to take thorough action to prevent the spread of infection. Especially in the downtown area at night.  Please be careful when going out to Tokyo. Please continue to refrain from unnecessary and urgent movements beyond the boundaries of the prefectures. “

After that, “I would like you to reconsider the actions of each and every one of you, thoroughly practice the” new everyday “, and work together to advance the age of” With Corona “.”  He stated that fighting against the new coronavirus must live with the virus for a long time, and issued the “With Corona Declaration” to call for thorough action to prevent the spread of infection.

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